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 Raised on anime and cartoons, Sarah taught herself how to draw the characters we all knew and loved at a young age. Sarah also learned that in these worlds of media, there was the lack of representation for those who looked like her. This vacuum was and is the backbone of Sarah’s artistic message:


“Representation Matters.”


All of Sarah's pieces incorporate people (especially women) of marginalized groups as she believes it is important for everyone to be able to relate to characters in creative spheres, utilizing anime, cartoons, video games and mainstream media as muses for her work. More recently during the pandemic, ORANGEinal Art has expanded to not only through visual arts, but household items and jewelry made from resin, astrology bundles created for each sign and many other creative outlets, giving her the title




No matter the medium, Sarah's artistic goal is to create images of those not equally represented, as well as promote self-love and self-admiration by giving viewers of these under-represented groups a chance to see themselves as they truly are:


Works of Art.

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