Cancer: Complete Astrology Bundle

Cancer: Complete Astrology Bundle

SKU: 808-00121C

808co + ORANGEinal Art have come together to bring you - Monthly Astrology Bundles! 


Each bundle comes with extensive explanation cards so you may learn more about your sign and the products in your bundle and each product is uniquely handmade and put together so no two bundles are the same!


The Resined Tarot Card with the suite of Cups to represent Cancer being a Water sign. This piece can be used as a jewelry tray, a coaster or even just something you keep on display to remind you of the fire within you. Each bundle comes with a unique resined Tarot Card.


The Cancer Herbal Burn Blend contains herbs, seeds and flowers known to be especially attuned to a Cancer's energy. Sprinkle some of the herb blend onto a lit charcoal and although the smoke to wash over. Be intentional when you are lighting your herbs.


The Artwork Card can be used to write something for yourself to open for your next Cancer cycle, gifted to a loved Cancer for a special occasion or can be framed and kept as art. 


The Crystal Moonstone Moonstone is very representative of the energy of Cancer as it is connected to the energy of the moon and water. 


The Affirmation Paintings were chosen specifically for the sign of Cancer. It has been painted onto a small canvas with acrylic paint so that you may carry it with you in moments you need it, or keep it in a place that you can have the daily reminder of affirmation. Each bundle comes with a different affirmation painting.


The Incense is intuitively chosen by Sandra of 808co.


808 Co. combines crystal activated, sustainably sourced, high-quality natural ingredients to create the products you will feel good about wearing and using. When you shop at 808 Co you are supporting an eco-friendly, female owned business by my colleague Sandra Lee, as 808 Co is owned and operated by black and indigenous female entrepreneurs. To learn more, go to