Astrology Bundle: Tarot + Spell Jar

Astrology Bundle: Tarot + Spell Jar

SKU: 808-00121G

808co + ORANGEinal Art have come together to bring you - Monthly Astrology Bundles!


Each bundle comes with extensive explanation cards so you may learn more about your sign and the products in your bundle and each product is uniquely handmade and put together so no two bundles are the same.


The Gemini Spell Jar contains herbs, salts and flowers known to be especially attuned to a Gemini’s energy. Bury on your property or place in a plant at home to continuously attract the intent of the jar.


The Resined Tarot Card with the suite of Swords to represent Gemini being an air sign.This piece can be used as a jewelry tray, a coaster or even just something you keep on display to remind you of the fire within you. Each bundle comes with a unique resined Tarot Card.