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Paint + canvas

All large paintings are available for purchase by way of inquiry only. To place an inquiry for a quote, please email me at or click the button below:

Carnival Tabanca [2021]

For those who miss jumping and waving, paint and powder, carnival and soca! For the last two years, Toronto has not been able to experience the amazing yearly Caribana parade.

This is a parade that thousands, inside Toronto and out of the Country, attend to celebrate Caribbean culture in the city. 

Tabanca: A painful feeling of unrequited love

Carnival Tabanca is a tribute to a love lost that is now found in this painting. This painting portrays 6 black women, all in mas costumes in various positions of motion. The paint strokes visually portray the movement of each woman just like we would see on the road Carnival day.  On this 36"x 24" wooden gallery style canvas, the costumes are adorned with with dried flowers to replace what would be feathers on real mas costumes as well as over 400 real Swarovski Crystals. These are secured on to the painting before a finished top coat of gold glittered resin seals the painting which prevents any of the flowers or crystals to ever detach. This piece is really one of a kind.


Lost In The world [2020]

This 36"x 24" wooden gallery style canvas is finger-painted with acrylic paint for the clouds in the background, adding layers with each hue of purple/pink. A strong black acrylic paint outlines the silhouettes of the two figures, sitting together on a tree. The painting has been sealed with resin to create a glossy finish.

This image is inspired by Kanye West's album move titled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


G4h.b4e [2019]

Good for Health, Bad for Education is inspired by the anime movie Akira.  This acrylic painting is 4ft x 3ft and portrays a black woman adorning the same Akira jacket on her own similar matching bike. This piece was released on July 16, 2019, which is the same date that World War III took place in the film.


KOI [2020]

Inspired by the character Sio in the anime film Afro Samurai: Resurrection. This piece is 36" x 26" and painted with acrylic paints. The jewelry around her neck and wrists are detailed with gold glitter. Iridescent glitter is also detailed on the Koi fish themselves to portray an underwater like effect. Blue gems have been added to give layers underneath the resin seal finish.


afro + kuma [2019]

Inspired by the characters Afro Samurai and Kuma (Jinno) anime film Afro Samurai: Resurrection. This piece consists out two 24" x 30" canvases and two 11" x 14" canvases to create a completed 44"x48" painting. This painting was create with acrylic paints and to add detail to the background, mica gold flakes that give off a "sunshine" to what is the sunset background.

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